Etsy Sales for July 2017

Etsy sales report for July 2017

We’re busy, busy, busy trying to get the house ready to put on the market. When you’ve lived in one spot over 40 years, you accumulate a lot of stuff. A. Lot. I’ve been cleaning out, cleaning up, working on getting my dad’s house ready to sell, working on the next estate sale annnnndddd… trying to list a few things on Etsy all along. Plus, almost every day for two weeks I made the 150 mile round trip to take a granddaughter to swimming lessons. (Hence the reason we need to move.) I’ve also started going to estate and yard sales more again. Bringing in more stuff. Huh. That’s just what I need. More stuff. Guess I need the break from all that work. 

Etsy is still painfully slow. Only $97 in total sales! Ack!!!! But, hey! It’s $97 more than I had. I blame myself more than anything for not being very active listing new items, then again, there is the well-known summer slump plus Etsy was doing some crazy, live testing that possibly hurt sales. Sales started to pick up toward the end of the month as I started listing again. I think that’s one of the keys somehow. Be an active lister.  I started actively listing again last week and sales began to trickle in a bit more. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the listing this month. I finally topped 200 items in the shop. 

This post will deal only in July’s Etsy sales. I’ll have a separate post for booth sales. The booth, by the way, did pretty well. 

So… Here’s what sold:

Vintage, two-way traffic light lens. This was left over at one of our estate sales. Nobody bought it! And we absolutely price things to sell. People tell us all the time how much they love our sales and our prices. I’ll see them at an estate sale conducted by someone else and they’ll come up to me and whisper that our prices are much better. So, this wasn’t cost prohibitive. It just didn’t sell. To be fair, that was one of the better sales as far as really good items we’ve had. Maybe this just went unnoticed.

Two way directional traffic light lens

Two-way traffic light lens


Unopened Dan River Marimekko tulip pillowcases. I’ve had these pillowcases for years. Tried a couple of times, but couldn’t get a good picture and wouldn’t list them. I finally just went with it, trusting shoppers knew what they looked like. They did. The pillowcases didn’t last long.

Unopened Dan River Marimekko Tulip Pillowcases

Dan River Marimekko Tulip Pillowcases


The above things sold on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Things were looking good! I had high hopes for the rest of the month. Then….. it was almost two weeks before the next sale. 

This little guy had been listed for, well I won’t say, but for quite awhile. Just waiting for the right buyer. He’s cute as a button but needed to be seen by a collector. Don’t take things out of the shop just because they’ve been there longer than expected. Selling vintage isn’t like retail. 

Yellow Cornflower Swanky Swig

Yellow Cornflower Swanky Swig


Another week went by then this mid century, metal folding book stand sold. It came from my parents’ house. Or one of my closets. I forget. But it wasn’t for sale long before finding a buyer.

MCM metal folding book stand

Mid century metal folding book stand


The next day. Maybe things are starting to pick up again? I loved this item. Thought about keeping it, but, I let it go.

Kitten Applique Square

Kitten applique square


Did I really think things were picking up? Another week went by when this candy heart box sold. I had listed several of these last year just prior to Valentine’s Day, sold a couple, and never relisted when they expired. I decided a couple of weeks ago to put them back up and bam! Sold this one. It was for a special occasion, so my “These won’t sell except for Valentine’s Day” theory goes up in smoke. 

Vintage Valentine Candy Heart Box

Vintage Valentine Candy Heart Box


I’ve had these Victorian scrapbook pages for a good long while in my personal collection thinking I’d make something with them. Yeah. It’s time to get real. So I put them up for sale. They didn’t last a month. 

Victorian scrapbook ephemera


Also sold online, a $10 genealogy book on Amazon and a $12 book on eBay. 

So that’s it for July’s online sales. Sad. So sad. Still, I blame myself more than anything. If life will ever get to a point where I’m not stretched in 5 different directions, hopefully, I can get back to normal.

Click to see my friend Florence’s of Vintage Souther Picks Etsy sales report, too! She did much better than I.

Stay tuned for July’s booth sales report coming sometime next week. I’m having trouble locating pictures of everything. 

Etsy and Booth Sales For June 2017

Etsy and Booth Sales For June 2017

After such a bad April, then a nice May, I thought sales were on the way back, but I was…… wrong. Bad wrong. Don’t know if I could have been any more mistaken. June was bad. Real bad. It was like the mall wasn’t even open. Of course, it was, but the month was a literal wash-out. It rained and rained and rained and rained some more. I feel that hurt business. Oh, I sold smalls but not enough to make even half the rent of our large, double booth.

Etsy was slow as well. Not sure the whys on that. Probably a combination of things. Etsy itself has been implementing tests and changes, I still don’t have my store built up as much as I should/could, summer vacations keeping people away from the computer, etc. 

But enough excuses. Just what did sell? Let’s start with the booth, shall we? Continue reading

April Fails Brings May Sales – Sales Report for May

April Fails Brings May Sales – Sales Report for May

The month of May was pretty decent for the booth. Still a long cry from our $2000 goal, but whew! Compared to April, it’s a fortune!

Etsy, on the other hand, as hard as it is to imagine, was even more dismal. I still take most of the blame there. My inventory is still way down, predominantly things that have been relisted a a few times awaiting the right person to find them – and things that really just need to be put out to pasture – but I’m gradually adding to it. When I say gradually, I mean reallllly gradually. Maybe 4-5 items a week. As of this writing, I think I’m back up to 173 items in the store. I’d love to have 1000 items in there. 

So. Let’s start with what sold in the booth, shall we? Continue reading