Sunday Afternoon Chat

Sunday Afternoon Chat

I missed last Sunday. Went shopping. So if anyone dropped by, that’s where I was. ūüėČ I’ll be helping with a bridal shower later this afternoon. I do have a bit of a life every now and then after all!

So, what’s been going on with you the past couple of weeks? Allergies got you yet? How’s your weather? We’ll be near 90 later this week!

Tiffany and I have been prepping the next estate sale. I was checking the pockets of suitcases and pulled out these:

Granny panties as big as me!

Granny panties almost as big as me! (Please excuse the bad hair and make-up. I was working, remember? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) When I pulled them out, I didn’t think they were unusually large. It was only holding them up to my little bitty self that made them look so huge. The owner was undoubtedly much taller. And that’s as far as I’m going with that. Tall people carry weight much better than us shorties. And I really do look short in that picture! Tiffany is almost a foot taller than I and the picture taken from her angle makes me really look tiny. ‘Course when you’re not quite 5’ tall, I guess you look tiny to everybody. That’s why I normally wear heels. Sigh.

They actually appear to be a bathing suit bottom. I wonder if she wondered what happened to them? We didn’t find a top. And was that her last trip to the beach? When we spend hours upon hours in a person’s home, pulling out everything they owned, we start to feel like we know them. They become our friends in a way. Haven’t done a home where we didn’t think we liked the previous owners yet. It’s an interesting profession, although a lot of hard, dirty work. Speaking of allergies!

Other than working at the sale house, most of last week was spent pricing things for a yard sale. We set some tables up at the Pickle Patch antique mall’s vendor’s parking lot sale. 

Pickle Patch parking lot sale

We ended up taking most of that back home with us. I know the picture is small, but can you see how the girl on the left’s hair is blowing and she’s kinda huddled up? Yeah. The weather hurt the attendance. It was supposed to be up to 74¬į that day. And it did reach that, but it took a long time and the wind was awful! The wind made it cold for several hours, then cool when it should have been pleasant. I had a blanket wrapped around me and my sweater hood pulled up. We’ll be having another sale in May. My friend, Melanie, is going to have it with me. We’ll do it in my old shop building this time.

Erin and Dani came up for the sale and a little shopping. They walked up to the mall, spotted this little chair on the porch and had to have it. Turned out to be Tiffany’s!


Isn’t it adorable? Somebody tried to buy it from us. Dani’s adorable, too. She loves those rain boots. The cool didn’t seem to bother her, either. Kids.

Lessee….. I made these flowers from Christmas tree candle clips. It shouldn’t have, but it oddly took two days to make them and write the blog post.  

I grieve Prince’s passing along with the rest  of our generation. Chyna as well. Both so young. 

I can’t think of much else that wouldn’t bore you to tears. Hope you have a great week!


Handmade Flowers From Christmas Tree Candle Clips Tutorial

Handmade Flowers From Christmas Tree Candle Clips Tutorial

  Fantasy flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips

April showers bring May flowers. But if you’re like me and have a brown thumb, you might, like me again, need to create your own flowers that won’t die.

Here’s how to make fun, handmade flowers from Christmas tree candle clips! 

But first, an intro. I’ve been wanting to blog about these flowers for several years. Yes, years. I’m guessing around 2009 or so, I made one, then lost my bag of candle clips. It turned up a year ago and I started making another. Thought I’d do a video tutorial for you. Um… no. It just didn’t work out and the whole project was tabled – It literally sat on my work table! – until two days ago. I decided the video idea was a really bad one and tried to take pictures of every step. There are a few pictures missing because of the blurries, but I believe there are enough to get the job done. So, without further adieu……….

Here’s what you need:

How to make flowers from Christmas tree candle clips

*Christmas tree candle clips. This can be the hardest part of the whole project. Finding them. If you just can’t find any anywhere, there is usually a plethora of them on eBay.

Try to get the ones that are put together like this:

Christmas tree candle clips for fantasy flowers

This picture is worth showing twice. See how there’s a hole with tiny metal bent over holding it together? These snap apart quite easily. If there’s a solid stem thingy instead of an opening, you’ll need to grind it away with a Dremel. That takes a long, annoying time, puts out more than a few sparks and you’d need safety glasses. I speak from experience.

*Shank buttons for the centers. You may want a variety to choose from.

*Paint. I just use regular craft paint that you can pick up anywhere and probably have a stash of anyway.

*Small, needle nose pliers.

*Not pictured is thin wire and glue.

Now that you have everything assembled, you’re ready for the fun!

  1. Snap those babies apart

Christmas tree candle clips for fantasy flowers

Unlike in the picture, wait until you’ve painted to curl the center. 

2. Now start painting. I don’t do any prep. Just slap the paint on there.
I do backs first, but either way, back or front is fine.

Painting metal flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips.

I chose to paint them white then………..

Painting metal flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips.

Put some green on the white. I later added some of the main flower color on the back, but the backs aren’t terribly important.
Paint the centers yellow.

3. Flip ’em over and decide on your flower color. Remember these are fantasy flowers, so use whatever color you want! I painted the main color then brushed a little white in there. 

Painting metal flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips.  

4. With your small, needle nose pliers, curl each of the center petal things. That picture was an unidentifiable blur and is not shown here. You should be able to figure that one out.

5. Now choose your button for the center and thread the long, thin wire through, bending at the center. Go ahead and give it a couple of twists. Next comes the yellow center, then the round flower part. Glue liberally between the three components. You’ll probably doubt they will stay together, but two steps from now, it will be clear that the glue really will work.

  Button and center threaded with wire for metal flowers

How to make fantasy flowers from Christmas tree candle clips

6. You’re ready to twist the stem. Here’s a tip. Use your drill. (I use a Ryobi ONE+ like this one on Amazon. It’s a little heavy, but lighter than many. I love it!) Make the drill opening as small as you can and still be able to get the two wire ends to go in. Hold the top of the wire next to the flower with your needle nose pliers. Pull the trigger, forward or reverse doesn’t matter, and twist away!


  Wire placed in drill to twist for flower stem


Drill twisted wire for flower stems

Beautiful, huh? Quick too!

7. Using a clothespin or good clamp style paper clip or whatever kind of clamp you have, clamp it as close to the base as possible.

Clamped metal flowers

8. Let dry and you have a flower! Repeat and you have a bouquet of flowers. 

Fantasy flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips

Hope you make some of your own. If I can make it, you can make it! And probably better. ūüôā


Fantasy flowers made from Christmas tree candle clips


How To Save Money – Up To 90% – On Cleaning Supplies

How To Save Money – Up To 90% – On Cleaning Supplies

While most of my posts are “green” because most of my posts are about hunting, buying and using vintage items, and by its very nature vintage is “green”, this post isn’t. I’m not telling you how to make homemade cleaning supplies that are good for you and the environment. I’m talking about the hard core stuff. The cleaning supplies sold at the supermarket. And sometimes even harder core than that. So please forgive me on not being very green this one time. Okay? Pretty please?


There are two things I don’t do much of: cooking and cleaning. Yet, I love cookbooks and recipes and have bought and hoarded them for years and I love to stroll down the cleaning product aisle, reading the labels, envisioning my sparkling clean house, and knowing… knowing buying this or that product will make me want to clean, so I tend to buy ~and hoard~ those as well. Beause after all, it was a pipe dream. Buying the magic product did not make me want to use it when I got home. And…. cleaning products are ex-pen-sive! I’m going to tell you today how to save money while buying that beckoning promise to an easy, sparkling clean house to your little heart’s content.

It’s no secret I love estate sales. Most people think of estate sales as overpriced, dead people’s stuff. Did you ever stop to think that just like their earthly treasures, they didn’t take their cleaning supplies with them either? And most estate sale companies slap 25¬Ę – $1.00 on them and watch them fly out the door. 

The picture above is some — only SOME — of the cleaning supplies at the estate sale we’re currently prepping. (I’m half a team of two who conduct estate sales in my while-I’m-not-on-the-internet life.) Many of those bottles have never been opened or have been used once. Some are 1/4-1/2 full and priced appropriately for a small amount. 

The thing is, you can’t say, Oh, I need some Scrubbing Bubbles. I’ll go to an estate sale and buy some. You might get lucky, but you might not. You have to go to the sales and buy it when you see it. If you know you use something, even if you don’t need it right then, go ahead and save yourself some money and buy it. 

It’s similar to shopping the store sales+coupons. You hold the coupon waiting for a good sale on the item. And how irritating is it when a sale doesn’t happen before the coupon expires?! I remember the good ol’ days of “no expiration date” coupons. Sigh. Even then, the savings won’t be as substantial as buying at the estate sales. Unless, of course, you doubled or tripled the coupon and combined it with a super duper sale and maybe a rebate. And how many of us do that on a regular basis? Oh, and worse, you realized that super duper sale was last week and you missed it. This method saves all that worry and hassle and trying to make sure not to miss a coupon or sale. 

So that’s it. The big secret on how to save money on cleaning supplies. Have you been doing it all along or are you doing a head slap right about now?


How to save money on cleaning supplies, up to 90%! This is so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it.